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Packaging requirements for international transportation: how to avoid damage

Safe and proper cargo packaging plays a key role in the successful delivery of goods around the world. In international transportation, goods are transported in different environments and can be exposed to risks such as vibration, shock, temperature changes and humidity, so certain packaging requirements and rules must be followed. In this article, we will look at the basic requirements for packing goods in international transportation and how to avoid damage.

1. Choosing the right packing material:
The packing material should be durable, resistant to moisture and temperature changes.
Specialized packaging materials such as corrugated cardboard, bubble wrap, wooden crates, metal containers, etc. are recommended for different types of cargo.

2. Proper packaging:
Shipments should be packed in such a way as to minimize movement within the package during transport.
The inner packaging should provide adequate protection to the shipment from shock, vibration and deformation.
The packaging shall be strong enough to withstand loading during loading, unloading and transportation.

3. Labeling and marking:
Each shipment must be properly labeled and marked with its contents, weight, fragility, and special handling instructions.
Labels should be applied brightly and clearly to the package to facilitate shipment identification and handling at warehouses and terminals.

4. Compliance with international standards:
International standards and guidelines such as International Air Transport Association (IATA), International Maritime Organization (IMO), International Union of Railways (UIC) etc. should be followed while packing cargo.

5. Use of additional protective equipment:
For particularly fragile and valuable cargo, it is recommended to use additional protective means such as packaging films with enhanced protection, shock-absorbing materials, fillers and others.

Proper packaging of goods in international transportation plays a crucial role in preventing damage and preserving the integrity of goods throughout the entire delivery journey. Following the above requirements and recommendations will help companies minimize risks and ensure successful international freight transportation.

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